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TLDR, My Bad!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Welcome To My Journey

TLDR, Counseling, Blog

If it's your first time here, allow me to share a bit about myself. I'm Ayesha Davenport, CEO and sole practitioner of Centered Soul Counseling, LLC in Phoenix, AZ. I am a Black woman, a mom, an aspiring world traveler, an animal lover, a partner, and a healer.

A big part of my work is connecting with clients and providing an empathetic ear for their varied experiences. This is a reciprocal process. As I am often viewed as the teacher or the "knower" by my clients, I am also always learning from them as well. As in many areas of my life, I am always taking in new information and constantly hungry to learn and grow from my experiences. I try to encourage this and support a similar approach with clients. Whenever I have insights or am enlightened by something I may encounter in my daily life, I bring these 'pearls' into my practice by sharing them within my client network. My hope is that this blog will serve as an extension of that. A place to share to a broader population of readers and enhance the conversation.

One key process of the therapy journey is identifying a community. There is a phase of this work that sometimes leaves us feeling very alone. Once we can accept that sometimes we must clear out space to allow new connections into our life, it is nice to find a place for a fresh start. Welcome! It is my hope that this blog is accepted as an opportunity to connect, build community among like minds, and be supported on your personal journey.

If you've read this far, you are encouraged to follow along and consider participating in upcoming events/opportunities to enhance your community-building experience. I invite you to connect with me in the comments or reach out directly. Feel free to ask about my services or share about your own journey. Until next time. Stay centered!

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